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The regionally accredited online college recently found its popularity. It is all thanks to its financial program which aiding many people with financial difficulties, making tuition fee more affordable yet still offer students with top quality teaching experiences.

This regionally accredited online colleges in the US will provide you with some choice of online college you could choose. it also helps in narrowing down your choice to a few, because even though there are so many affordable online colleges, there is no guarantee you could find the best courses for you. by using this regionally accredited online college, it will help you choose the right choice of regionally accredited online colleges and universities.

AIU Online

AIU is an acronym for American InterContinental University. It is one of the best regionally accredited online college. AIU online division, offer ranging from an associate degree to master degree, for a doctoral degree in AIU, unfortunately, they didn’t have it yet.

Boston University Online

With Boston University online college division, students that attend it could do the courses at their own pace to meet their own deadlines. For a talented and dedicated student, usually, they could take up to 2 courses per semester.

Boston University program over you with many varying subjects such as art education, music education, liberal studies, management, and software development.

Capella University Online

As of the latest, Capella University’s online college offers the widest range of degree program with over 100 online subjects you could take, it ranging from associate to doctoral, I think Capella University Online is the best choice if you didn’t want to search for another online college anymore. It is estimated, there is 20,000 student attend there per year.

Franklin University Online

Named after one of the American founding fathers, Franklin University Online is a division from Franklin University. Frankly University Online provides its undergraduate students with a full catalog in all practical majors subject ranging from business and computer science, there is also a master degree program such as business track.

eCornell University

Although it has a unique name, it is also one online college to consider, it has variety in the business degree program with subjects such as finance, hospitality management, and finance. So that is the reason for choosing this online college if you ever interested to study business.

National American University

This university offers its students with a broad curriculum, it also had a welcoming entrance standard. Every student that attend this university must finish their courses within 11-week courses at the latest.  This university also specialize in business program degree, although there is also some program that is not a business subject.

The New School

The new schools are located in New York City, this also means the subject they offer in there is no doubt to be excellent. Many varieties of program degree also made this University one of the choices you could choose for regionally accredited online colleges you want to attend.

Thomas Edison State College

Named as one of the famous inventor in the world, Thomas Edison State College didn’t shame its name as one among the best regional accredited online college. TESC also is known for making its students more convenient to transfer previous credit, and also earn credit for life experience. Classes in the online college of TESC include economy for business and engineering for a technician.

That is some of regionally accredited online colleges in the US. By reading this article you could find some regionally accredited online colleges with low tuition

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