Online College Near Me – 3 Top Accredited Online Colleges in New York

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Finding online college in new york is as easy as cooking an omelet. Well, there are many online courses in this city that choosing become harder than expected. Because of that reason, I thought of listing just 3 Top Accredited Online Colleges in New York. This is more efficient than spending your time choosing from many sites and still be confused by so many online colleges out there.

To make it simpler, the online college that will be listed in 3 top accredited online colleges in New York will be near a place where I currently live. Although I said that, I can guarantee you that the one listed in here is the best online colleges near me. So here it is.

New York University

NYU is no doubt included among one of the best universities in the USA. NYU is situated in the heart of New York City, and because of its reputation for excellence, and history of producing a top quality student that become top researchers in the world. Of course the same also could be said about their online colleges program

New York University Program

As one of the top university in the country, NYU offers wide variety of program and degrees in its online college. Every program is provided for undergraduates and postgraduates alike, so many opportunities to move towards a better future is there. Some of the programs will be listed below for reference purpose, so you could get a better idea about NYU are listed below:

  • Social Sciences
  • Leadership and Management
  • Taxation
  • Translation
  • Counseling and Guidance
  • Computer Engineering
  • Advanced Professional Certificate in Estate Planning
  • Corporate Finance

Tuition fee = $35,147 / years


The New School, although the name has included new in its name, it is not a new freshly University building in New York City. The new school dated back to 1919 in which it is being founded. The New School already produce many exemplary students, some of the work as writers, designer, thinkers, and leaders.

Program Offerings

The New School also offer a non-degree earning courses online, the reason for that is to allow a student to truly have a self-paced learning experience.  Because of this, the student could learn with more freedom which is good as there is no core curriculum to worry about.

The New School Program :

  • Fashion Business Online Certificate
  • Graphic and Digital Design
  • Screenwriting Certificate
  • Fashion Industry
  • Design Leadership for Business

Tuition fee = $45,504 / years


Pace University also the best online colleges situated near where I live, it is drawing many talents around the world, with the method of offering nationally ranked programs in many subjects. Because of online colleges program, there are many people that taking advantages of Pace University to study on their own pace.

Program Offerings

Pace Univerisity Offers the following undergraduate degrees:

  • Business Administration in Business Studies
  • Nursing
  • Professional Communication Studies
  • Professional Technology Studies
  • Arts & Sciences

Tuition fee = $31,040 /years

Now you know what is the best colleges near me, if you live near new york cities then you could also check the choice listed. I think its worth your time to at least check them as it will provide you with many more choice before finding the right online courses for you.