3 Top Affordable Online College In Ohio

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Ohio as one of state in America offers student and it citizen in general a wide variety of education system. The freedom to choose many educational systems might prove difficulties on its own, remember too many things is never good.

Many instate colleges in Ohio also offer a modern educational system which is an online college program. Not only they offer more advanced educational system, but they also offer some financial aid for the student having financial difficulties

A talented student could expect to get some scholarship coming their way easier than expected. Also for the in-state students, the cost is cheaper than the outstate student. Many accredited schools you find in Ohio unfortunately still expensive if being compared to Florida. Still educational is one of primary need of human, so there is a need to be prepared.

To ease your worry, this article will provide you with the suggestion of 3 top affordable online college in Ohio. Not only it’s affordable, but it also regionally accredited online college which could offer you with a greater learning experience as the university I refer is one of the accredited University. So here we go.

  1. Kent State University at Kent

This University is the largest university you could find in Ohio, it has eight campuses erected in Ohio. They also have six facilities in different states. From this, you could imagine how good this university is.

Kent State University also offers the students with a wide range of online college program. Attended by over 40.000 students, it is keeping up its appearance by providing its students with many resources for learning and future career.

Kent State University program include:

  • Office technology
  • Environment management
  • Computer technology
  • Nursing
  • Respiratory care –
  • Public health
  • Insurance studies
  • Technical and applied sciences
  • Art education
  • Latin, business
  • Translation
  • Public administration

Tuition fee: $10,012

  1. University of Toledo

The University of Toledo is a college that developed from a vocational school. They have been through a shut down due to financial reason. At a later date, the school reopens with the help of the government of Ohio for buying the license, but this also affects the change in the school’s educational system.

The University of Toledo College program for postgraduates and undergraduates include

  • Accounting
  • Intermodal transportation
  • Criminal justice
  • Marketing
  • Engineering and education.
  • Nursing,
  • Early childhood education.

University of Toledo Online college also provides the student with some resources in:

  • Live online technical support
  • Online tutoring
  • Online library.

Tuition fee: $8,052

  1. Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University founded in 1948 is an educational instance being affiliated to the Churches of Christian Union. The different ratio between the student and the faculties it provided about 10:1 ratio, in which the total number of students attending the colleges approximately around 3000 students.

Online Colleges Program include

  • Nursing
  • Criminal justice
  • Management and business administration.
  • Agribusiness
  • Counseling

For the online college student, they also have a resource in :

  • online job board
  • Technical support about the platform
  • Online library with 65000 books being included in the library
  • They also have an online librarian that could be contacted by email.

Tuition fee: $10,468

Now that is more affordable top accredited online colleges in Ohio. You might find this article helpful to sort some good college that has an affordable tuition fee.