3 Low Cost Accredited Online Colleges in Florida

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There are many online colleges in Florida, yet not many are the same. They come in many varieties and also diversities in their teaching materials and cost. To choose online colleges in Florida, at least you need to choose your priority first. What do you search for in online colleges? There are many things to choose as your priority, but most people choose low tuition fee as their top priority followed by accreditation, convenience, or maybe resource and facilities.

There is no right or wrong when choosing an online college based on your need, which most of them being low cost. But it also depends on what courses you want to learn, because when you decide to study in an online college, you already prepared to pay the money. At least you need to make every penny you spend paying for online colleges worthwhile.

To choose the best online college especially for business, this article will provide you some information about 3 low-cost accredited online colleges in florida for business. In facts, there are many colleges, but I will provide you with only 3 low-cost colleges as to not make you confused about choosing your online colleges. Let’s read below!

1. Florida Atlantic University

This University created in 1964 as a distance-learning provider. Back then distance learning doesn’t mean an online course, but more like learning material was given to students by mailing a student about it from videotaping.

This means Florida Atlantic University already used to distance learning from a while back, so online colleges as a form of distance learning is also their specialty. The online colleges program include :

  • Online bachelor’s degree programs which provide courses in business administration, geography, RN-to-BSN, public safety, and also computer science.
  • Online master’s degree and graduate certificate programs which provide courses in various education, health, and business.

The Florida Atlantic University along with being accredited, also provide its in-state student with a low-cost tuition fee, and the user-friendly website makes this college one of the top choice listed.

Tuition price : $4,831 / years

2. University of Florida

The University of Florida also has an online college which offers a fully online program for undergraduates and postgraduates. There is also many non-credit and continuing education course program in it.

University of Florida Online colleges graduate program include subject such as:

  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Criminology
  • Business administration
  • Nursing
  • Environmental management

The student that might have kids could also add minors to their programs, this is a unique option offered at the University of Florida.

In addition, this University has many carrier-oriented programs that can help some of the students work towards their future. Some resource included for online colleges student include

Online students at UF also have access to many career-oriented resources that can help them plan for and work towards a career while they are enrolled in their online courses. This includes:

  • Online career fairs
  • Access to exclusive job postings

Tuition price : $6,381 / years

3. Florida International University

One of the top quality University  you could find in Florida, Florida International University Online colleges provide its student with self-paced learning, and some of the real-world skill as its primary focus. Now you know why it is listed in 3 Low Cost Accredited Online Colleges in Florida. while it provides you with the best courses, FIU tuition fee is among the lowest you could get in Florida.

FIU Online colleges graduate program include subject such as:

  • Early childhood education
  • Health services administration
  • Hospitality management
  • International business
  • Marketing

FIU emphasis on global learning in their curriculum, so the learning material you could get there also is among the best in Florida.

Tuition price : $6,556 / years

There is also cheaper online colleges in Florida which range from $2500 / years, but this is the cheapest accredited online college in Florida. Also, if you have financial difficulties, the colleges listed above are online colleges in Florida that accept financial aid, so there is no reason for you not to apply there. Just remember, learning is for a lifetime!